Peak bone mass is reached around 25 years of age.
Proper nutrition at a young age is important to build strong bones and reduce your risk of injury.

Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption and building bones.
These two nutrients work hand-in-hand. We hear a lot about getting calcium through food, but we must also get enough vitamin D in order to use that calcium to build strong bones. Milk has both!

Inadequate calorie consumption can lead to poor bone health.
Eating enough calories is important for proper hormone function, rebuilding after hard training, and keeping muscles strong to support healthy bones. 

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Why Dairy for Bone Health?

The nutrient package in dairy foods is uniquely beneficial for athletes.
Dairy contains calcium, vitamin D and protein. All of these nutrients are necessary to build strong bones to achieve peak performance.

3 Simple Steps to Healthier Bones

    • Have regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Most athletes need 3 substantial meals and 2 to 3 snacks.
    • Focus on recovery nutrition when engaged in heavy, long training sessions or more than one bout or game per day. Chocolate milk is a great recovery tool!
    • Your body needs fuel to be at its best. Skipping meals or restricting calorie puts you at risk for bone injuries, among other issues.
  2. Combo 2 HAVE 3 A DAY, YOUR WAY

    Aim for 3 or more servings of dairy every day to promote strong bones.

    • Add cheese to your breakfast scramble or burrito.
    • Cook oatmeal with milk instead of water.
    • Choose a protein-powered snack like yogurt and fruit.
    • Enjoy a glass of milk with dinner.
    • Keep chocolate milk on hand to jump-start recovery after exercise.
  3. Combo 3 RECOVER SMART
    • Give your body time to recover well. Sleep, rest days and easy days are critical to making performance gains.
    • When you’re pushing your body to its max, replenishing nutrients becomes more critical. Make a plan for how you’ll handle your nutritional needs during high-demand training periods or travel.
    • Getting out and enjoying some sunshine can do wonders for the mood (while also boosting vitamin D levels!). So get outside for a little refresher whenever possible.
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