Game Day


Give your body what it needs to rest, recover and repair — and begin getting ready for the next time you compete.

  1. Apple WHAT TO EAT

    After exercise, choose protein and carb combos of quality foods. Your body might need time to settle after a hard workout or competition before eating a full meal.

    • Chocolate milk
    • Yogurt with cereal and fruit
    • Tuna or PB&J sandwich
    • Smoothie with berries, milk and yogurt
    • Chicken and veggie wrap
    • Fruit and nut bar or protein bar
    • Power bowl with whole grains, veggies and protein

  2. Hydrated beverage WHAT TO DRINK
    • Drink fluids that also have key nutrients
    • Choose milk (flavored or plain), smoothies or high-water foods
    • Eat a nutritious meal and drink at least 8 fluid ounces of water, milk or juice
    • Continue drinking fluids steadily for the rest of the day, aiming for 16-24 fluid ounces in the first hour after exercise
Chocolate milk

Why chocolate milk for recovery?

  • Best nutrient package to replenish your body’s stores
  • Tastes great
  • Replaces fluid lost during exercise
  • Easy to find, pack and carry with you
  • No mixing required
  • Natural food

Game day

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