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Great Groceries


  1. Plan for a weekly shopping trip. Sketch out your week ahead and think about meal and snack needs—and any upcoming challenges like competition, eating out, travel, etc.

  2. fridge

    Take stock of what you already have on-hand in your pantry, fridge and freezer. Perhaps you can plan a meal around something you already have in your kitchen.

  3. shopping list

    Write out your shopping list.

  4. cart

    Shop the perimeter of the store for most of your items. That’s where less-processed, whole foods are typically found.

  5. convenience costs

    Remember that convenience costs! Pre-packaged meals are easy but usually only provide 1 to 2 servings. Consider buying the ingredients separately and making your own meals when you have time.

  6. time

    Plan a little prep time into your trip. Take 30 minutes when you get home to wash and cut produce, cook a batch of rice for the week ahead and get some meat marinating for tonight’s dinner. It’s easy to do when you’ve got everything out and accessible.


Use this as your guide every time you shop, and refer to our “Plan your Performance Meal” handout for even more helpful info.

  1. Apple FRUITS
    • Apples 
    • Apricots 
    • Bananas 
    • Berries 
    • Cherries 
    • Citrus fruit 
    • Dates 
    • Grapes 
    • Kiwi 
    • Mangoes 
    • Melons 
    • Nectarines 
    • Peaches 
    • Pears 
    • Canned peaches 
    • Applesauce 
    • Asparagus 
    • Avocado 
    • Beets 
    • Bell peppers 
    • Broccoli 
    • Carrots 
    • Cauliflower 
    • Garlic 
    • Green beans 
    • Kale 
    • Lettuce 
    • Mushrooms 
    • Onion 
    • Potatoes 
    • Salad mixes 
    • Snap peas 
    • Spinach 
    • Sweet potato 
    • Tomatoes 
    • Zucchini 
    • Canned tomatoes 
    • Canned corn 
  3. Eggs PROTEINS
    • Lean beef 
    • Pork tenderloin 
    • Ground turkey 
    • Chicken breasts 
    • Seafood 
    • Canned tuna 
    • Lean deli meat
    •  Eggs 
    • Hummus 
    • Tofu  
    • Beans/lentils 
  4. Milk DAIRY
    • Skim, 1%, 2% or whole milk 
    • Chocolate milk 
    • Greek yogurt 
    • Cottage cheese 
    • String cheese or snack cheese
    • Shredded cheese 
    • Sliced cheese
    • Cream cheese 
    • Sour cream 
    • Butter 
    • Whole grain breads 
    • Whole grain cereal 
    • Oatmeal 
    • Whole wheat pasta 
    • Corn tortillas 
    • Whole grain/rye crackers 
    • Quinoa 
    • Cous cous 
    • Pasta 
    • Brown or wild rice 
  6. Yogurt SWEET TREATS
    • Dark chocolate (>70% cacao) 
    • Frozen yogurt 
    • Fruit sorbet 
    • Instant pudding 
    • Dark chocolate-covered nuts 
    • Whole grain fig bars 
    • Dried fruit 
  7. Pretzel SNACK FOODS
    • Popcorn 
    • Pretzels 
    • Whole grain crackers 
    • Sweet potato/beet chips 
    • Snap pea crisps 
    • Roasted chickpeas 
    • Rice crackers 
    • Nuts and nut butters
  8. Exexclamation mark REMEMBER
    • Canned, frozen and dried produce are all good choices 
    • Complete your shopping list with condiments like olive/canola oil, vinegar and honey
    • Herbs, spices and seasonings add flavor and nutrition 
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