Game Day


There are always a few breaks in the action during play. Here’s how to make the most of them.

  1. Apple WHAT TO EAT

    Simple carbs, electrolytes and fluid are in high demand while exercising, especially for longer periods.

    • Fruit or fruit-based foods like applesauce, a ripe banana, raisins, dates, orange slices
    • Simple grains like pretzels, cookies, crisped rice cereal treats, graham crackers, saltines
    • Sports drinks
    • Sport food (gels, chews)
  2. Hydrated beverage WHAT TO DRINK
    • Sip water or a sports drink (if needed) during activity—start early!
    • One swallow = 1 fluid ounce
    • Aim for at least 8 fluid ounces per hour up to 60 minutes
    • Aim for at least 16 fluid ounces per hour during long, hot workouts or games
Game day

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