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You do everything in your power to unleash your athletes' greatness—at every training session or practice, and during every game or competition. But as a coach, you know that the diet and lifestyle choices they make when they're not on your watch can be key to their performance. That's where our selection of Greatness Guide handouts comes in.

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The 16 handouts featured here are filled with pro tips designed just for young athletes, on topics ranging from snacking, to staying hydrated, to sleep. Each is available in downloadable PDF form, so it’s easy to print and distribute them as needed to the athletes you want to see up their game.
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Check out these fact-filled videos, each one focused on helping athletes make better food and lifestyle choices.

Do you have tips for fueling a young athlete?
Do you have healthy snacking tips for an athlete?
My stomach is sensitive to milk. What are my options for including dairy?

Everyone loves chocolate milk.
Including your student athletes.

Milk containers

Research shows that drinking milk is an effective way to help the body refuel and recover after exercise. And chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout beverage because it contains the appropriate ratio of carbohydrate to protein to refuel, rebuild and recover. That’s why we created the Replenish with Chocolate Milk Program.

Open to any public, charter, or private high schools in Utah and Idaho. The Replenish with Chocolate Milk Program provides chocolate milk to schools that apply and meet certain eligibility requirements. Program signups begin in June 2021, so please check this page again then for more details on how your school can apply.

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